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Records Management

Paxton's Record Management program provides a cost-effective option for storing and managing information, records, and files. Paxton uses O'Neil's state-of-the-art bar code management system enabling Paxton to track the location and activity of every item (pallet, box, file, piece of paper) with access at a moment's notice. This system also provides activity, inventory and destruction reports as well as other customized management reports for our clients. Our courteous couriers pick up and deliver your files when you need them.

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Breach Reporting Services

  Introducing CSR Readiness® Pro Edition Great news about protecting customer, employee, and vendor personally identifiable information (PII) as well as your business livelihood!   As part of the information privacy offerings of Paxton Record Retention, we offer the CSR Readiness® Pro Edition - a breach reporting and privacy compliance package developed by the certified information privacy professionals at CSR. The program comprises both the patented, award-winning CSR Breach Reporting Service™ plus the risk assessment program CSR Readiness®.   Click Here for CSR FAQs  

Records Storage

Since 1988, Paxton Record Retention has been providing Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland businesses and organizations with high-quality, cost effective records management services.   Our commercial record centers can provide your company with a cost-effective option for storing and managing information, records and files. Whether in paper form, microfilm or tape media, the commercial record center at Paxton offers secure, state-of-the-art facilities for indexing, bar coding, storing and retrieving records.   Storing records with a commercial records center should not consume your valuable time. At Paxton, retrieving files is as easy as "1, 2, 3." 1. Call us with the records you want to retrieve... 2. The record is immediately located and pulled... 3. The record is delivered to you.   At Paxton, we work with you, to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your documents are safe. Our commitment, experience and dedication to customer service make Paxton the ideal choice to act as your partner with all your records management needs.   Our dedication to service is what sets us apart from our competition   Highly professional team members focused on quality customer service. All our employees pass an extensive background check, are insured, trained and uniformed.   Our Inventory management system - we can track every box, file and document with precision with our state-of-the-art records management system.   24-hour document access availability with access to our emergency hot line number your documents are always at your fingertips.   Standard Next day service - we offer 24 hour turn around time on our standard service request with options for same day service and two hour emergency RUSH service.   Retention schedule management allows clients to destroy and manage the destruction of their records in the appropriate time.   Our team can manage and inventory the contents of our client's boxes and create an accurate database of your records and allow online access through   At Paxton Record Retention, we pride ourselves in our customer service. In 2005, Paxton Record Retention was evaluated by Dun & Bradstreet and received a score of 95 (out of 100) in their Open Ratings system. This evaluation is based on existing client references and it places Paxton at the highest level within the Special Warehousing and Storage industry.   Here are a few ways we focus on our customers • All calls are answered by our local associates during normal business hours. No voicemail, pages, or automated attendants. • We provide 24 hour access to your files • Clients can have online access to their record inventory through • Guaranteed Emergency service delivered to your doors within two hours. • We can assist with record inventory, reporting, additional storage or any customized services as needed.   For more information contact Paxton Record Retention at: 703-764-3300

Secure Shredding

A comprehensive records management program should include a retention schedule which identifies all record series and the dates which they are eligible for review/destruction. Following this schedule can help your business comply with Federal, State and local laws, reduce the cost of storing outdated records, and can possibly help avoid costly litigation and fines. At the completion of your company's purge, a certificate of destruction is issued for all documents shredded at our secured facility.   In addition, Paxton also offers locked and secured shred bins that can stay on0site for a low flat rate. Shred bins offer an alternative to securely disposing of the paperwork that needs to be shredded without the hassle of boxing up items.   "Instead of onsite, or mobile destruction, more clients are requesting off-site destruction of their business information. The benefits associated with off-site destruction are that it's less expensive, safer for the environment and can be more secure. Companies no longer have to assign one of their employees to stand outside to verify that the company's confidential material is shredded on-site. Noise and pollution are significantly reduced when companies opt for off-site shredding. And clients still receive a certificate of destruction and a sense of assurance through a closed-loop process." - SDB Magazine May/June 2010   With over 22 years in the Records and Information Management field, Paxton Record Retention can help your organization design and implement a comprehensive records management program, which includes the timely, cost effective destruction of eligible documents. Paxton can custom design a shredding program to meet your specific requirements. Weekly, monthly or on-demand, Paxton will provide uniformed, insured and trained couriers to transport your documents to our ISO Certified, record center, or convenient secured Paxton Shred Bins are provided at your locations.  

Media Rotation Services and Storage

  The key to protecting your data is consistent and secure rotation of your physical computer back-up media.   It is important that you are creating back-up data often enough to prevent crippling loss to your company and that can verify it is being done.   • Professional staff that will rotate your back up media on your schedule • Transportation of your media in specific containers to protect your information • An auditable record of each point of contact, time of contact and signature receipts • 24/7 monitored state of the art alarm and video systems • Temperature and humidity controls in storage areas for back-up media • Halon 1301 Fire Suppression to prevent media damage from fire or water • Access to your back up media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year   Our staff at Paxton Record Retention can help you create a rotation schedule that works for your company’s protection and bottom line. For more information contact Paxton Record Retention at: 703-764-3300

Fulfillment Services

Paxton can help manage the costs of receiving, inventorying, tracking and shipping valuable inventory, be it computer components to publications. With our sophisticated barcode-based software, highly secured warehouse space and years of freight forwarding experience, Paxton is in a unique position to offer this service.   As an O'Neil "Strategic Partner," Paxton can pass the advantage of their expertise on to our clients in the form of cost efficient and timely fulfillment services. Inventory received would be immediately bar-coded and indexed. Updated information is added to the client report and emailed that day. Reports are available at any time and items in storage are available for immediate deliver. Barcode based printer/scanners can provide receipts at point of delivery.   Paxton Fulfillment Services is an ideal application for outsourcing. Why tie up valuable office space in your facility and dedicate employees to a process which can be cost effectively and efficiently outsourced.   Outsourcing Fulfillment Services has a proven track record for saving both time and money and can allow your employees to concentrate on more urgent tasks and issues.   Benefits • Take advantage of price breaks and discounts from buying products in volume. We ship as inventory is needed. • Free up valuable office space in your facilities by storing equipment offsite. • Fast, accurate stock level reports on all types of equipment and products. • Immediate, world-wide shipment and freight forwarding services (overnight shipping services available). • 2 hour (RUSH) services available in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. • Secure and limited access storage areas.   For more information contact Paxton Record Retention at: 703-764-3300

Online Records Management

RsWeb is a powerful and convenient way to manage your own records and place orders. Have more control over your business's information, even though it's stored off-site at Paxton Record Retention's facilities.   Paxton is pleased to offer O'Neil Software's RSWeb®.NET. This product harnesses the power of the Internet and Microsoft®'s latest .NET technology, giving our customers even greater access and control over their records than ever before. RsWeb is a part of our complete suite of fully integrated software. A modern, stable and robust solution, you now have easy and enhanced access to our record center's RS-SQL database and can perform many tasks themselves, eliminating unnecessary emails, faxes and telephone calls to our facility. The power is now in your hands through a standard web browser, any time, day or night, from anywhere in the world.   Customizable data entry screens, instant reporting and even more powerful queries are at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily query our database; order services and supplies; schedule pickups and deliveries; add new or edit existing inventory information; generate reports; even monitor the status of their orders - all from your desk, saving time, eliminating costly errors and enabling greater productivity and control. • Track and manage files and boxes anywhere in the world at any time of day or night through our real-time web portal. Paxton Clients know exactly where files are at all times. • Barcodes are used to track all inventory and create accurate systems for managing large volumes of records. • Audit trails are created and managed with technology. We can manage the life cycle for all items in our inventory. The warehouse operates on a secure wireless network, which provides real-time information for inventory adjustments. • Regular upgrades are performed to ensure our clients have the leading edge technology.   For more information contact Paxton Record Retention at: 703-764-3300

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